Life Moves On

It has almost been three months since I arrived back in Haiti. I think the most powerful thing about being here is witnessing how people cope with loss how they embrace it and rejoice in life despite such massive obstacles. It is strange to see children laughing and smiling amidst what looks like a war zone.

However, even with the light hearted spirits of many of the people here there is an undercurrent of fear. The rainy season is shortly approaching and thousands of people are without shelter. The obstacles here are daunting and at times I feel disillusioned about how to solve the puzzle that is Haiti and that is our world.

I sometimes ask myself what keeps us all going, what keeps us moving knowing that everything we have ever worked for can be lost in an instant. Haiti has taught me so many important lessons. I think that is why I will continue to spend a large portion of my life in this country. This is a place of extreme contrast and can be a very difficult place. I have however experienced some of the most beautiful moments in my life here.

 A few days ago as I was watching the sunset I was thinking about how important it is to remember how much beauty exists in the world. I have seen some of the most beautiful sunsets since I have been here and have greatly appreciated everyone of them. However, as I watched this particular sunset I concluded that it is this recognition of beauty in the world that keeps us all moving even amidst the greatest loss.