Trailer for the feature film In the Hills and Hollows, a documentary about the boom and bust history of coal and the massive natural gas boom in West Virginia.

The Mighty Mississippi is a multi-platform documentary that explores the vital resource this great river provides to millions of people.


Lakota Veteran, Catcher Cuts The Rope, shares why he came to Standing Rock to stand in solidarity, prayer, and in peace.


LaCrisha Rose from Cabin Creek West Virginia reveals how the Elk River chemical spill affected her and her family.


Junior Walk shares what his life is like growing up in the Coal River Valley in southern West Virginia.


The Nibi (Water) Walks are Indigenous-led, extended ceremonies to pray for the water. The Ohio River Water Walk began on April 22, 2014 in Pittsburgh, PA and ended in Cairo, IL where the Ohio River joins the Mississippi River.


Bruce Jones shares his experience as an All Hands Volunteers.


In the mountain's of South Korea Buddhist nun Ye Jin Sunim explains how to find peace.