Carnival Jacmel Haiti

This year I made a pretty last minute decision to go to carnival in Jacmel. I fell in love with the coastal city when visiting in 2010. Jacmel is known as the art capital of Haiti. This is one reason I was drawn to the city and continue to be completely inspired by the place.

People in Jacmel have always told me how incredible carnival is. I was told about the music, costumes and the paper mache masks that flood the streets but the extent of what is produced and exhibited at carnival is really quite unimaginable.

I think my friend Aaron Funk, an American now resident of Jacmel, describes the Jacmel carnival experience best, “Insane-yes. Unforgettable-yes. Beautiful-yes. A little dangerous-yes again. Life changing – guaranteed.” I would definitely recommend visiting this beautiful caribbean city and taking an extended trip in February for carnival to explore what can only be experienced in Jacmel. For a short preview of the event check out the images posted below…